Friday, February 10, 2012

Group Buy Number 2 is Open!

The first group buy was a great success!  We ordered skinsuits, bibs, jersey, jackets and bib knickers for 17 riders (including the kids sizes).  The kits should show up in the next several weeks.  I hope the PainCave riders send pictures of them getting muddy in their new gear (even if they need to stage the shots).

 I'm already getting interest for a second group buy, so don't hesitate to contact me and get yourself signed up.  There are no more minimum item orders required, all I need now is an order of 10 items.  So if you're looking for a tri-suit or a nice riding jacket, add it to the list and help grow the PainCave (non)team.

Bring the mud!


  1. I found your blog on, and I'd like to join this group buy, but I'm based in the UK.

    Is it possible to join? The ethos and concept of the (non-)team are unique, and totally with how I see my cycling (road and CX).



  2. Steve - you are the rider I was looking for when I started PainCave. Being based in the UK is perfect! Mud is mud. Sweat is sweat. Tubulars are tubulars. Send me an email (paincavecycling at gmail dot come) and I'll get you on the Group Buy #2 list.


    1. hi, wondering if that order went in already? i tried emailing earlier today, let me know, thanks!

    2. Hi there, the second group buy is still open...Contact me via gmail and I'll make sure you're included. I'm also pushing arm warmers, 20 bux gets you some rad plaid warmers...